Covid Quarantining Protocol if Masks are Optional

Covid Quarantining Protocol if Masks are Optional


  • Masks are strongly encouraged if at least 3 feet social distance cannot be maintained.

  • Quarantining: 

    • Positive students will be sent home and quarantined, close contact students will not be quarantined if wearing a mask. 

    • If a student is vaccinated they will not have to be quarantined. They will be required to wear a mask for 14 days and show proof of vaccinations.  

    • Parents will be notified that they were in close proximity to a positive student and to watch for symptoms. If exhibiting symptoms that student will be sent home and parents can take the student to be tested or can return when symptoms subside. 


  • Lunch exposure will quarantine the person to the left, right, and directly across from the student.

  • Band will be quarantined on a case by case basis.

  • All students riding the buses are required to wear masks when being transported to and from school. Buses are one of the most likely places for exposure.

  • Nurses will continue to report positive cases (self report form) and close contacts(template) end of the week report with # of positives and # of quarantines.

  • Social distancing will be attempted to the best of the schools ability. 

  • If your child tests positive or is exposed outside of school, please contact the respective school nurse to let them know the situation.


  • At this time outdoor sports and activities do not require masking and distancing should occur to the greatest extent possible.

  • These guidelines will be uploaded to NCSD website and media sites so parents and students are aware. 

I thank you for your compliance and support in these trying times.

Bob Rocco

Supt., NCSD