Use of Facilities Request

Our policies regarding Use of facilities (including Fee schedules) can be found in the policy manual.
Please note:  In the event of a conflict between a school group and an outside / community group priority will be given to school groups. 

We have migrated our Use of Facilities Requests to FMX to more efficiently and quickly get these requests on our calendar. 

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Community Related Groups Outside Groups
Profit Profit Nonā€Profit
Classroom $25/night $50/night $25/night
Cafeteria (EM) $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour
(HS) $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour

NOTE: The cafeteria charges listed are in addition to cost of personnel.
On all occasions, the cafeteria kitchen shall be staffed by the
school district cafeteria personnel.

(EM) $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour
(HS) $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour
(EM) $20/hour $50/hour $20/hour

(EM)  $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour
(HS) $50/hour $100/hour $50/hour

Pool (EM) $60/hour $100/hour $60/hour

Athletic Field – day $200/day $300/day $200/day
night $300/night $400/night $300/night

Custodian –
Cost of additional custodial fees at the established rate shall be paid by the organization using the facilities, (approximately $35.00/hour) except that this shall not apply to school related activities. No custodial fees shall be charged when a member of the staff assumes responsibility for cleanliness and is present during the facilities use.